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yo this is my 5th mixtape. there are more melodies / autotuned songs on here. but there are songs without autotune too. theres 15 songs 3 skits. i produced like 9 of the 15. my friend dj sals produced one. 2 i got off youtube producers and 3 of em are remixes of famous peoples instrumentals

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Brown Magic Vol. 2

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yo this is my third mixtape, and the sequel to the first brown magic. yo thats kurt cobain on the cover not me. if u wanna see my pic look at the other mix tapes below. 9 all new tracks no skits, recorded on professional equipment, and mixed and mastered w professional software (i still recorded/mixed and mastered myself tho so it might not be completely professional lol) .. but yo check it out and if u like it follow me on twitter @arb_corleone and lemme kno. ill be happy. lol peace

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Brown Magic Vol. 1


yo this is my second mixtape “Brown Magic Vol. 1″.. its 12 all new songs,  with an intro and 2 skits and an outro….running time is only 23 minutes, and the download is about 50 mb but check it out pls i put alot of work into it n its like the flyest shit ive done so far..hulkshare wouldnt let me upload diamonds are forever cuz of some copyright or some shit so if u want to listen to that u have to download the zip

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BruceWayneLiuKangJordanInTheFluGame Vol 1.5 Remix


yo this is the updated version of my mixtape… the vocals have been re-recorded re-mixed and re-mastered….everything jus sounds way better….lyrically its about 90% the same… i also took off 2 songs and added 2 new ones, a started from the bottom freestyle and “dhal bhath elis mach”…you can download it, or just listen and preview below

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